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From David Hajek <>
Subject apache logs
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 14:14:07 GMT

I'm looking in detail how apache logs to the access.log
file. I do not know whether it is my misconfiguration
or not, but whats happen when someone download file
and then skip the downloading process? My results
show that apache logs this (interrupted) download
with number of how many bytes were transferred.
My question is, whether it is possible to configure
apache to log only successful downloads and the
rest (interrupted) to the eg. error log? The goal
is to count the number of downloads of some files.

Now I have to compare the number of transferred bytes
with actual file size using perl. 

PS: How to handle 206 status codes? Is it possible? ;-)

Please cc the answer to my address since I am not
subscribed to the list. Thanks a lot!

David Hajek                	     GSM: +420 604 352968
- Cobol programmers are down in the dumps.

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