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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: zlib inclusion and mod_gz(ip) recap
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2001 14:18:52 GMT

Gentlemen from Maryland wrote:
 > ...  adding a new module
 > ...  the following aspects:

In the final analysis the decision is made using the
PMC's procedures, i.e. public debate and rarely
semi-procedural voting.

These aspects inform that debate, along with others
and few of them manage to be absolute requirements
or even manage to inflict a veto.

 >   1. Popular and well used already ...
 >   2. It provides a core, functional *need* to Apache ...
 >   3. It has no outside dependencies ...
 >   4. It is small and well written ...
 >   5. Has no copyright, patent or licensing issues ...

6. Some PMC members are enthusiastic about it.
 - 1, 2, 4 is often a proxy for this but we certainly
   do occationally pile on function for just this reason

7. We are extremely confident that it's secure.
 - Many modules we have added generate security holes
   foward, a pattern we labor to avoid repeating.
   Thus it's approprate to always enquire:  "Who audited

8. It doesn't frighten too many PMC members too badly.
 - We do put modules in inspite of the worries of
   PMC members, fear is not an excuse for piling in
   functionality.  But I doubt we would put anything
   in that was creating too much of a panic attack.

9. Support
 - We have usualy required that there be an active
   maintainer, and from time to time we have even
   prefered that the maintainer be in the PMC.

10. Standard
 - We try hard to not add non-standard behavior,
   or behavior that extends the standard in ways
   that serve non-open interests.

To repeat all these inform the debate, they are a list
of things to think about, but we don't have and don't
want some objective scoring scheme for these; the
public debate process while tedious is good - particularly
when we all remain gentlemenly.

 - ben

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