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Subject Re: Tag time?
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 18:31:57 GMT
In a message dated 01-09-28 18:12:48 EDT, you write:

> And why hasn't Justin already satisfied that criteria?  Everyone has seen 
>  It received extensive reviews as to goals and strategy.  The only thing 
>  is to address the last comments that Greg made, and they were minor adds
>  to the comments and style.
>  I could understand your comments if Justin had said he would make major
>  changes to what has already been posted.  But Justin has already bent over
>  backwards for this review and now you are just preventing progress.
>  He is trying to fix a showstopper and we need to get it into the code.
>  I know you are too busy right now.  That is why you have to trust the rest
>  of us to be sure it works.
>  ....Roy

Ah... Hate to butt in here but if the Justin's original reason for
rewriting the entire socket input 'front door' was (as he said ) 
because of something about it NOT handing client->host 
Transfer-encoding very well then I'm not sure it isn't worse off now 
than it was before.

I have been looking and looking at the patch and someone want
to tell me where it checks for TE: which is the only way to 
REALLY know how the Transfer-Encoding will end? ( Blank 
CR/LF following CR/LF following 0 byte length, or no? ).

Near as I can tell it just relegates 'extra' CR/LF back to stream
as 'useless noise' instead of actually knowing for sure if it 
was a proper end to the Transfer-Encoding.

Caveat: I have NOT had time to REALLY pour over this HUGE
patch so I may be totally off-base... but I think this fact alone
is what Ryan is trying to explain... there hasn't been enough
TIME to look at this HUGE/CRITICAL patch.

Kevin Kiley

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