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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Patches coming this week
Date Mon, 17 Sep 2001 06:53:36 GMT

Sorry I've been pulled in 20 directions last week and effectively fell
of the face of the new-httpd earth.

Patches (in order of convienece) that I will be committing;

Split out the Win32 registry bogosity for scripting (leaving a fairly
clean 'stock' command line/argv list processor within mod_cgi for unix
and unix-like OS's.)  Add the mod_win32.c to handle these exceptions
for Win32 (ScriptInterpreterSource.)  Assure Win32 create process stuff
really, finally works well (well, perhaps leave 16 bit cgi for others to
play with.)

Revert the relative r->filename behavior to flag in dir_walk, and postpone
failure to the core handler (so modules need not be significantly rewritten.)

Figure out why two identical <Location > blocks, one in the global config
and one in a vhost container dies (my guess, finally?  We have a dup entry
when the root is merged to the vhost.  Did we convert to hashing here?)

Complete testing of the new dir_walk semantic, commit it, and add similar
subreq/redirect optimization as <Location > walk now enjoys.  Add the same
optimizations for <Files >.

Put together a simple awk script to strip out a given <IfSomething > block
from a conf file.  Use this to finally yank httpd-conf-dist-win from cvs,
pulling <!IfModule mpm_winnt.c> from the output.  Encourage Brad to do so 
as well ;)

Get that hold console open code and Mladen's work on the Win9x branch of the
WinNT mpm into the code (reviewing his comments).  Start pulling some very
Win32 specific code from the mpm into mod_win32.c (e.g. - trim the mpm back
down to what an mpm does - dispatch requests ;)  If that goes well, someday
we should be able to build CMPMT on win32 (my nickname for Brian's OS/2 mpm.)

Finally figure out where ForceDefaultLanguage goes in the mod_neg code.
(This is a real PITA - in terms of avoiding slowing down the mod_neg phase.)

Patches I'll be proposing;

Some means other that Order Deny,Allow/Deny from All to prohibit filesystem
access (so we quit mixing our metaphores.)  Now Directories would be protected
outside of 'access controls'.

Yank more win32/os2 fooness from mainline code.

Move mod_suexec.c from modules/generators to modules/arch/unix ???

How much more os/fooness can be cleared out ???

Just wanted to share where my brain was heading next.  I hope to consider Win32 
ready for beta before this week is out :)


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