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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Apache 1.3.21 tag in 12 hours
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2001 17:31:41 GMT
Some odds and ends that should be investigated, the bug reports make the 
solutions fairly clear and generally simple (if their analysis is correct.);

mod_userdir/8238: A check for absolute paths is made before any quotes are 
removed, so ap_os_is_path_absolute returns an incorrect response

  Don't know if we fixed this, but it sure seems brain dead simple.

mod_isapi/8242: The last char of every environment variable is lost while 
using Delphi5's TWebModule for building ISAPI dlls

  this report says we just missed a byte - I'm willing to presume they are right.

os-windows/8246: Apache (1.3.20) sometimes crashes on Windows 2000 shutdown
(Windows 2000- Professional, Service Pack 1 PHP Version 4.0.4 Interbase 6)

  Has anything come of the last few bug reports?  PHP hackers, was this in
  PHP or was Apache at fault?

mod_cgi/8098: crash a child process with cgi access.

  Simple to fix, it appears.  We didn't 'expect' a missing lf.

mod_auth-any/8320: See bug 1978 which was closed with"No response from submitter, 
assuming issue has been resolved."

  Simple to fix, any of you authn/authz people should see right through it,
  either it's a bug or it isn't, and the patch is simple.

protocol/7010: IE does not cache images to the site. Thats because ap_make_etag 
uses the inode for building the ETag.

  Phil's patch should be committed, to add the seperate INodeEtag directive.
  We were arguing over 'Options' and that didn't fly, but let's get the fix
  (nobody argued with _what_ it does!) into 1.3.21 for server farms and other
  less INode-stable (NFS) installations!

mod_cgi/8237: Wrong error reported for improperly written #! in perl CGI scripts

  Sebastian Wells has a great suggestion here, that might lead more users
  to the correct FAQ or conclusion, without writing up bug reports and
  redundant newsgroup posts.  (Really sweet.)

build/7790: SERVICE_CONFIG_DESCRIPTION : undeclared identifier

  Older SDK's have trouble here - worth a fast hack if one can be found.
  I would even investigate late today.

mod_negotiation/7662: multiviews expects all lowercase filenames!

  I haven't checked out this error, but it looks like a real PITA.
  (say it ain't so)

And finally, dropping the double-canonicalize fooness, calling systemcase_filename
once, then simply lower casing it for Win32/OS2/Netware.

Sorry my brain's been in 2.0 mode :(  Would be nice to fix these simple reports
before we invest the effort in a full release, perpetuating these errors.


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From: "Bill Stoddard" <>
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Sent: Monday, September 24, 2001 8:37 AM
Subject: Apache 1.3.21 tag in 12 hours

> I am planning on tagging Apache 1.3.21 this evening (USA Eastern Time) ~ 12 hours from
> now.  I will defer the roll for 24 hours to give a bit of time to smoke test the tag.
> Regards,
> Bill

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