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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] update to default worker MPM config to match MaxClients fix
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 19:10:06 GMT
Now for something completely different... I am just throwing out some stream of
consciencness thoughts.

Definition - "Server" is a "process". Could replace all occurences of "Server" below with
"Process" or "Child". No explicit use of a term equivakent to "the thing that handles a

StartServers - number of processes started. Same as in 1.3
MaxClients - Max number of connected clients that can be supported. Same as in 1.3
MaxRequestPerServer - Same as in 1.3
MinSpareServers - Same as in 1.3
MaxSpareServers - Same as in 1.3
ThreadsPerServer - Specific to threaded MPMs.

We loose a bit of control, but only a bit.  The ability of the server to handle client
connections grows or shrinks by "threadsperserver' quanta.



> StartWorkers              50
> MaxWorkers               150
> MinSpareWorkers           10
> MaxSpareWorkers           50
> WorkersPerProcess         25
> MaxRequestsPerProcess      0

> > Okay, changing topics only slightly... how about we replace
> > MinSpare[Threads|Servers|Workers] and
> > MaxSpare[Threads|Servers|workers] with a single
> > directive, Spare[Threads|Servers|Workers]?
> I don't understand that.  There needs to be some notion of slack, so that
> the server is not constantly starting and killing threads/processes to keep
> the correct number of spares.

I was thinking we could just maintain the slack internally and hide the extra config
directive. Not worth discussing further...

> Joshua.

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