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From Paul Bayley <>
Subject file attribute questions
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2001 05:08:00 GMT
	Last time I posted here it was suggested that I look into extending the definition of apr_finfo_t
to include some filesystem-specific file attributes. Basically localize Apache 2.x for Darwin.
I have a couple questions before I try this.

* Should I modify srclib/apr/include/apr_file_info.h?

* What is the difference between mtime and ctime? Also, would anybody have any use for creation
date (as opposed to modification date)? I don't think anything outside the mac world uses
creation dates. 

Once I know which attributes I need to fill out, I can get them using one call of getattrlist().
Those attributes a file system can't fulfill will be null. 

Question: How does Apache write files? What if somebody uploads a file via webdav or something,
and I wish to set the correct attributes. Is that even possible? (I don't know what information
web browsers will send when uploading a file. I fear the worst in that they will only send
the file name)

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