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Subject Re: 2.0.23 tarballs up
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2001 17:37:00 GMT

> William Wrowe writes...
>  CVS is a unix utility, all text files end in LF.  If you check them out to 
>  mac, win32, ebcdic, or other platform, they know what becomes of them.

Sort of. Looks like what happened, though, is that someone checked
out the .dsw and .dsp on a 'Nix' box, and CVS did not 'know what to
do' because it thought single LF would be OK. It was not. The single
LF's got wrapped in the tarball and they rendered the build files
useless unless a specific client-side (commercial) program is used.
If the files were checked in 'binary' there wouldn't have been any problem.
This is all I am saying.

You keep talking like the .DSW and .DSP are like .C and .H that
someone might 'patch' and they should be able to do 'diffs' and stuff
on them. My turn to say 'nonsense'. They are GENERATED
files and should never be 'touched' with any editor... they just
happen to LOOK like 'text' files.

Hey... whatever... you're flying this kite, not me.

I just thought since you guys are always so picky about your
build process(es) unfolding 'clean' that you should know you are 
married to a specific set of options on the client side ( Xlate CR/LF out
of tarballs ) for your stuff to compile on a certain platform.

Take it to the bank or round file it... I don't really care.
It's all just FYI.


Original mesage...

> Subj:  Re: 2.0.23 tarballs up
>  Date:    01-08-13 17:19:32 EDT
>  From: (William A. Rowe, Jr.)
>  Reply-to:
>  To:
>  From: <>
>  Sent: Monday, August 13, 2001 3:43 PM
>  > > William Wrowe, Jr. wrote...
>  > 
>  > > A text file is a text file is a text file.
>  > 
>  > Actually... in the world I live in... there seem to be UNIX
>  > text files and there seem to be DOS/Windows text files.
>  > They really are 'not the same' as far as a lot of editors
>  > and other programs are concerned.
>  I live in cvs, and I've used 3290 emulators for years.  I've moved
>  gigabytes from pc to mainframe on 9 track reels.  And where I've come from,
>  line endings themselves are silly (can we say TEXT(80) :-?).  When text
>  bounces from one place to another they need to adopt to their platform.
>  Heck, even a mac text file once looked nothing like any of the above.
>  Tarballs are our unix distribution format (suitable for some other 
>  as well.)
>  > > If I'm on a 390, I have a bunch of ebcdic files.  So what?  They are 
> text.
>  > > They don't go into a repository as binary, unless they have some 
>  > > bizzare formatting or escapes in them.
>  > 
>  > Exactly... and the fact that if you make even the slightest cosmetic
>  > change ( EOL included ) to MSVC .dsw or .dsp then they could
>  > stop 'working' where they are intended to work ( Non-Nix platforms )
>  > can be construed as 'bizarre formatting' and better off being excluded 
>  > from the constant UNIX FTP ASCII text auto-grok stuff. Why take the 
>  > chance at changing the files when there is no need to?
>  Since this hasn't happened here, and cvs commit logs allow everyone to see
>  what people are horking with in a text file (but not a binary file), I'm
>  certain your fears are overblown.  We regularly let unix folks tweak the 
> files,
>  and then check their work.
>  > > There will be no binary .dsp or .dsw files in cvs.  ever.
>  > 
>  > Ok... whatever... but watch those LF-onlies gotchas at
>  > release time.
>  Why?  I don't see a pkzip package in, so there is 
> nothing
>  prepared for win32 yet.  Period.  Stop pouting.
>  You can always check out from a tag through anonymous cvs, which, ohmygosh,
>  puts your cr's back on _all_ the text files(!)  You can even load your 
> conf
>  file in notepad :)
>  > Geez... doesn't CVS have some kind of 'Yea... it's a text file...
>  > but leave the line endings alone fer chrissakes because they
>  > just might be important' option somewhere in the config?
>  CVS is a unix utility, all text files end in LF.  If you check them out to 
>  mac, win32, ebcdic, or other platform, they know what becomes of them.
>  The only bummer is ucs2/4 files, which cvs just can't grok (little wonder.)
>  Any good news from the subversion front on that one :-?
>  Bill

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