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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject RE: Multi Language Error Documents
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2001 02:06:56 GMT
According to Joshua Slive:

>  Hmmm... Before you go coding anything, I think you should
>  carefully read
>  I am not a language lawyer, but the way I interpret that
>  is if the browser wants "en", it must ask for "en".

But the document says:

 "A language-range matches a language-tag if it exactly equals the
  tag, or if it exactly equals a prefix [...]
  Note: This use of a prefix matching rule does not imply that
  language tags are assigned to languages in such a way that it is
  always true that if a user understands a language with a certain
  tag, then this user will also understand all languages with tags
  for which this tag is a prefix. The prefix rule simply allows the
  use of prefix tags if this is the case."

This sounds to me like it _is_ an option to serve for example an
"en" variant to a client requesting "en-US" and im pretty sure
that this is how mod_negotiation of 1.3 behaves.
IMHO this should be the default behaviour in 2.0 as well and
not something the user should/can configure via ForceDefaultLanguage.

IMHO it's silly to reply with a 'not acceptable' response in such
a case. 

BTW, for Germany you might use "de-DE" as a language extension
which is damn equal to "de".

Lars Eilebrecht                 - Perl: The only language you can                       uuencode and not notice.

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