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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject Re: Listen vs. Port
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2001 01:53:52 GMT
According to Joshua Slive:

>  But what most people want is "Listen to all IP addresses".
>  This is the current default behaviour.  How do we express
>  that?

I see your point, but do we really want to express that?
If one has two or more interfaces configured he's usually
dealing with virtual hosting, so what's wrong with
a <VirtualHost> directive _and_ a related Listen directive?
I've seen more than on setup where Apache was listening on
all interfaces, but that behaviour actually was not intended.
E.g., what's the point in listening on

>  Another minor issue with your proposal: currently,
>  if <VirtualHost> is specified without an explicit
>  port, is uses the Port directive.  Would you
>  want to change that to default to the same
>  behaviour as <VirtualHost ip.address:*>?

Well, I've no opinion on that one, but basically
I'm in favour of making some changes to the vhost
configuration for 2.0. There's way to much magic in it.
The vhost configuration has always been a source for
misconfigurations and IMHO we should try to simplify
it for 2.0, shouldn't we?

Lars Eilebrecht                         - Why be normal?!

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