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From Carlos Costa Portela <>
Subject Re: About image processing and cache.
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2001 08:40:39 GMT
On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Graham Leggett wrote:
> >         And where can I find information about add the "Image Processor"
> > module, that is, information about put a layer between file and proxy
> > cache?.
> I was under the impression you were writing it... (I assumed what you
> were writing was a CGI...?)

	Yes, I am going to write it, but I understood you that "Image
Processor" must be a module. Ok, if it can be a cgi, it would be more easy
for me, since I've programmed cgi's for years, while my experience in
modules is limited (just a couple of modifications).

	Then, if I program a cgi (say, get_image), the chain should be
like this:

browser : get http://myhost/get_image?...
apache receive the request and pass it to a cgi
my cgi go to the file, paint the restaurants on the map, and send the info
to the browser.

	Then I must put the caching layer after cgi output.

	Best regards,
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