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From Carlos Costa Portela <>
Subject About image processing and cache.
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 15:01:00 GMT

	I must build a web application that makes extensive use of images.
The system will be something like this:

-> user request a image (not static, but modified one).
	GET /myphoto.jpg&modif=black_and_white

-> have I this image previously-processed and, then, cached?
-> If so:
	-> returns the cached image
-> If not:
	-> process the image
	-> cache it
	-> return the image

	I have two different aproachs here:

1st. Build by own web-image server. Just receive requests, examine it,
processing and return.

2nd. Use apache for doing it.

	Can you help me?. Thanks in advance,
		Carlos. : All about web, PHP-Nuke based site
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