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From Jeremie <>
Subject getting started on mod_jabber
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2001 09:35:42 GMT
Heya all,

I've finally started working on a mod_jabber for httpd-2.0, utilizing the
ability to plug in new protocols to the codebase.  Since I've only really
just started this weekend, and have spent most of the time getting a feel
for apr and the various structs and apis, I'm not very far yet :)

The good news is that I've gotten enough working to know that it can be
done and won't require any deep-rooted changes, so kudos to the designers
of the various layers, they all seem very thorough and well thought out.
I've checked what little purely test code I have already (based on
mod_echo) into cvs as 'mod_jabber' at

I'm hoping I can snag a copy of the pop3 module that Ryan was showing off
at OSCon, if anyone could be so kind to point me to it or forward a copy
I'd appreciate it.  And if nobody has started yet, I have some simple C
smtp server code sitting around that I could probably easily turn into a
mod_smtp to work with the pop module, for fun.



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