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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject Re: 2.0.23 tarballs up
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 07:32:31 GMT
On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Justin Erenkrantz wrote:

> On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 02:13:46AM -0400, Cliff Woolley wrote:
> >
> > The tarballs for 2.0.23 are up at  Please
> > check them out...
> Compiles and runs on Linux 2.4.  So, +1 for beta.
> I'll try to find time tomorrow to compile it on Solaris, but things are
> slightly out-of-kilter over here, so I doubt that will happen.

It builds and runs fine on Solaris 2.6 (tested threaded MPM).  The only
warnings are those stupid "function declaration is not a prototype"
messages that've been around for months that I can't figure out how to
fix, and they only appear in maintainer mode anyway, plus a single warning
that appears in both maintainer and regulard modes: "sockets.c:269:
warning: passing arg 2 of `connect' discards qualifiers from pointer
target type".  That one's been around forever and a day also.  No harm

It also concur that it builds fine under Linux 2.4 (RHL7.1), and same for
FreeBSD 4.3.  The only warnings on either are the tmpnam() vs. mkstemp()
warnings for the htpasswd and htdigest support programs.  I didn't try
running it on icarus, but it runs fine on my Linux box, plus it passes all
the mod_include tests from httpd-test, which I view as important since
mod_include utilizes so many features of the server.  I tested both the
prefork and threaded MPMs.

It even compiles and runs on Irix 6.5.  =-)  The only warnings (besides
harmless linker warnings I'm chalking up to the busted build environment
we have on our SGIs) were these:
threaded.c: In function `ap_mpm_run':
threaded.c:1216: warning: int format, pid_t arg (arg 4)
mod_status.c: In function `status_handler':
mod_status.c:492: warning: int format, long int arg (arg 3)
mod_status.c:572: warning: int format, pid_t arg (arg 5)
mod_status.c:649: warning: int format, pid_t arg (arg 5)

And me with this pain in all the diodes down my left-hand side...

+1 for beta.


   Cliff Woolley
   Charlottesville, VA

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