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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject Re: are we ready to roll?
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 05:52:22 GMT
On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Sander Temme wrote:

> Tag checkout, updated today. OS:
> [monalisa:/usr/local/apache2] sctemme% uname -a
> Darwin MonaLisa 1.3.7 Darwin Kernel Version 1.3.7: Sat Jun  9 11:12:48 PDT
> 2001; root:xnu/xnu-124.13.obj~1/RELEASE_PPC  Power Macintosh powerpc
> Configured without options, makes, installs cleanly. Prefork MPM.

I've been trying to figure out how it is that the config.guess's and
config.sub's that were in the 2.0.22 tarball didn't work on Darwin but DO
work from CVS.  All three copies of each that make it into the tarball
*are* in CVS... granted, only two of the three actually have an entry for
Darwin.  But if it works from CVS, it really ought to work from the
tarball.  Grrr.  Anyway, I'm going to pretend this issue doesn't exist and
roll 2.0.23 anyway.  If it turns out to be a problem again as it was with
2.0.22, we'll just stick the same known-problem entry on as we did before.
It's an easy workaround, assuming it's even necessary.

> One observation: in httpd.conf ll 115-121:
> <IfModule prefork.c>
> StartServers         5
> MinSpareServers      5
> MaxSpareServers     10
> MaxClients          20
> MaxRequestsPerChild  0
> </IfModule>
> Isn't that awful low for MaxClients?

The default MPM parameters for most/all of the MPMs are either on the low
side or just completely wacky.  The defaults for threaded cause it to spin
up three processes and immediately kill two of them off because there are
too many idle workers.  =-)  I figure we'll tweak these later.


   Cliff Woolley
   Charlottesville, VA

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