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From Cliff Woolley <>
Subject Re: Currently known issues with 2.0.23
Date Wed, 08 Aug 2001 16:03:07 GMT
On 8 Aug 2001, Ian Holsman wrote:

> how about a line like:
> "gracefull restarts are currently not working properly on the threaded
> MPM. The work-around at the moment is to do a full restart instead of a
> graceful one."
> That way admins have a workaround if they want to use threaded, and have
> been warned as well.

They _do_ work... as long as you have enough traffic hitting your server
at the time of the graceful to awaken all of the workers.

But your point is well taken... a mention of full restart as an
alternative is probably worthwhile.


   Cliff Woolley
   Charlottesville, VA

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