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From Joshua Slive <>
Subject Re: Listen vs. Port
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2001 18:48:07 GMT

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Lars Eilebrecht wrote:
> - Make Listen require an IP address, e.g.,
>   if only an address is given it should default to port 80.
>   The definition of Listen should be mandatory.

But what most people want is "Listen to all IP addresses".
This is the current default behaviour.  How do we express

> If we do these changes it might be a good idea to start
> re-thinking our virtual host configuration, especially
> the concept of main server vs. default server vs. vhost.

Another minor issue with your proposal: currently,
if <VirtualHost> is specified without an explicit
port, is uses the Port directive.  Would you
want to change that to default to the same
behaviour as <VirtualHost ip.address:*>?


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