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From "Joshua Slive" <>
Subject RE: Multi Language Error Documents
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2001 23:27:16 GMT
That sounds like a job for ForceDefaultLanguage then, eh?

ForceDefaultLanguage off  (no touchee)
ForceDefaultLanguage parent  (ok... en for en-us is better than nothing)
ForceDefaultLanguage nomatch  (better serve our DefaultLanguages)
ForceDefaultLanguage full  (Alrightie, try en for en-us, then our 

How does this sound?

Looks good.

I assume that this comes into effect only when language negotiation has 
otherwise failed.  In other words, we are about to server a "No Acceptable 
Variants" message, but we decide to serve something else instead.  To use a 
specific example, someone who requests "en-us, fr;q=0.8, en;q=0.7" should 
get the French page if the available variants are "fr" and "en" regardless 
of the setting of this directive.  If, on the other hand, they request just 
"en-us" then I think we can give them whatever the heck we please.

I might use "prefix" rather than "parent".  The latter is quite a loaded 
term already.  I am also not sure from your description whether you plan to 
fall back to DefaultLanguage or LanguagePriority.  The latter is more 
flexible and is a better overloading.  It is possible that someone might 
want untagged documents to be marked as "en" but still prefer to send "fr".

Thanks again for taking this on.


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