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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject CONTRIBUTION : Monitoring Services on WIN32
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2001 14:16:11 GMT
Hi all,

As I understood there has been some need for service monitoring utility
Well, I've assembled one, and if you guys think that it has the purpose,
than it can be put in the official distribution.

It was build to comply with the Bill's request (monitoring-services.txt),
using only WIN32 API.

How it works:

Upon start-up the app goes to Windows try. Double-click pops up the window
with all the installed services on local machine (walking through registry).
Right click shows the pop-up menu, and try tool-tip shows the number of
currently running services. It tests if the particular service is running
using either SCM (NT) or FindWindow (9x), and shows the small status icon in
the service list.
Service management has the options to start, stop, restart and uninstall any
installed service.
The app checks service status each second and if there is a status change
updates the service list.
For starting, stopping and installing the services on WIN9x it spawns the
invisible console with proper command line arguments, and on WINNT it uses
the SCM to do the job. For service starting on NT the command parameter is
either "--ntservice" (Apache 1.3) and "-k runservice" (Apache 2.0).

*Is there a need to add the option to install the service ? I was thinking
something like dialog with fields for service name, apache.exe path and
optionaly httpd.conf and server root directory.
*Get PID on WINNT 4.0
*Document code.

Please give some feedback.

Mladen Turk
MCSE/GIS Specialist
mailto: [ ]

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