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Subject Re: 2.0.23 tarballs up
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 16:41:59 GMT

In a message dated 01-08-10 16:30:11 EDT, Ian wrote...

> can you build with the  *.dsp/*.dsw  files from CVS?
>  (I do this regularly at home..)

I will check it out.

I am just trying to verify what this guy Sebastian said.
He said he downloaded the tarball as posted on forum and it
'Compiles runs fine under Win32 +1 for beta'.

Before anyone scoots that tarball out to a beta or GA dir I am
just trying to verify it has a chance of downloading/building
and so far I can't.

Still not sure what Sebastian meant or what he actually did.
I tried his "Outside the GUI IDE ' 'MSDEV' command
line build against the tarball and same deal. All 37 .DSP files report
console error 'File not generated by MSVC... cannot compile'.

BTW: This release has all the 'ApacheMonitor' TRAY ICON code
already in it but if you break that code out and manually 'load' it
up into a blank project space to build 'stand-alone' it won't compile
so not sure what's up with all that, either. I don't even remember
anyone even VOTING on this ApacheMonitor code and now it's
already in the distribution? Seems like the code submission/verification
committ process short-circuited on this one or something.

I am not saying it won't work or that it isn't what Wrowe wanted...
it just seems weird how it has 'slipped' into the distribution and 
doesn't even seem to compile yet. I didn't know it was that easy
to get code into an Apache distribution.

Kevin Kiley

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