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From Steven Velez <>
Subject response to client....
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2001 23:53:54 GMT

I think this may be more appropriately addressed on a "users" mailing list
but I couldn't find one, so please forgive me:

I am running an apache http server (1.3.20) Windows 2000 (sp2 I believe).
This server is serving content to the world from behind a NetCache server (a
caching reverse proxy).

Here's my problem....
I'm trying to POST data to this server, however if the content-type is not
multipart/form-data and the content-length is more than say... 25600, then
Apache does not send the response until the NetCache server hits it's
timeout and sends a TCP packet with the "final" bit set (closing the
connection I assume).  If I use multipart/formdata as is composed by a web
browser (IE) then everything works.  However, I need to be able to do
text/xml and application/octet-stream from a java applet.

I did not see this problem when testing and connecting directly to the
apache server.

Has anyone seen similar behavior or does this make any kind of sense? I
think it may be a problem with the os (as it's been "hardened") but I would
like to know what I'm talking about before I pursue this with MS tech

Many Thanks.
  .-.    | Steven Velez
  oo|    | Software Engineer
 /`'\    | alventive
(\_;/)   | 678-202-2226

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