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From Phillip Morgan <>
Subject An Apache with the lot please..
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2001 07:39:08 GMT

I'm trying to get apache going with many modules but haven't had any

I was using the latest apache with ssl with it fails build with semctl
errors so I am now working with apache 1.3.14

I want to build apache with SSL (mod_ssl using OpenSSL), support as DSO
(mod_so), with mm, php4 and mysql support. I've got it working with SSL
no probs, and despite ensuring the correct mime types are in the
httpd.conf file, I cannot get php working.

The kernel is 2.2.18. The distribution is slackware 4.0. 

These are the modules I want to compile in (excluding those that are
automatically built in)

(From the Install doc)

     URL mapping
      (-) mod_rewrite ...... Advanced URL translation and redirection
Access Control
      (-) mod_auth_dbm ..... HTTP Basic Authentication via Unix NDBM
      (-) mod_auth_db ...... HTTP Basic Authentication via Berkeley-DB
     Internal Content Handlers
      (-) mod_info ......... Content handler for server configuration
      (-) mod_so ........... Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) bootstrapping

I've been through the mod_ssl install doc many times, which breaks down
the install in to the individual packages, first OpenSSL, then MM, then
apply mod_ssl source extension and source patches to the Apache source
tree and then the method (a) For Joe Average and (b) for "The real
Hacker", making sure to completely remove everything with each
subsequent attempt.

I'm obviously missing something basic, but don't know what it is... 

Has anyone built apache with all of these options/modules before, if so,
could you give me some pointers on how you got it to work?


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