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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject problem with subrequests & mod-include/mod-proxy
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 18:39:54 GMT
not sure if this is a proxy problem.

it looks like somewhere we are >not< setting r->path_info

causing the following to fail
(main request .. from a proxy)
<!--#include virtual="/foobar.html"-->


as the note 'DOCUMENT_PATH_INFO' is set to null. causing ap_escape_html 
to segfault.

there are 3 problems.

1. r->path_info is not being set
2. we are setting DOCUMENT_PATH_INFO blindly
3. ap_escape_html doesn't check for a null string being passed in.

now... the easiest way for me to fix this is to add a check in 
ap_escape_html to check for null. and return a blank string.

I think this should be done, as I think there might be cases where 
someone could write some SSI tags using <!--set and printenv
to cause apache to segfault...


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