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From Ian Holsman <>
Subject [Contrib] mod-gz
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2001 22:27:03 GMT
GZ Filter.
This filter GZ encodes files before being sent out, resulting in less 
bytes on the network.
It has been coded only to work on HTML files  (some browsers don't like 
JS/CSS files gziped)
you can set the compression options (defaults to min CPU/max mem/max 
speed), and
it has the option of setting a note saying what compression level it 

It has been tested on W2K, and on linux (functionailty only, didn't 
stress it) and it appears
to work ok.

2 Questions/Comments:
    * Currently you can enable the GZ Filter at the serverr level, 
should this be directory specific ?
        (mainly to get around Filters lack of being able to be turned 
off once set)
    * It uses a AP_FTYPE_HTTP_HEADER, as it needs to run after all 
content has been created,
       and before Transcoding begins.
I'll create a document page later, but briefly some notes on config.

(Settings are server-wide)

<IfModule mod_gz.c>
    GZFilter on    #enable GZ filtering on this server
    GZWindowSize 15    # zlib option
    GZMemLevel 9    # Zlib option
    GZFilterNote COMPRESS    #note to add to the custom log to show 
compression level
<Location />
    SetOutputFilter GZ


(oh. I ran the code through indent with the 'approved' options as per 
the web page.. so the code should
follow the guidelines)

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