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From Pavel Novy <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Apache 1.3.21-dev for NetWare builds (2, 3)
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 16:04:18 GMT
 > > Pavel,
 > >      The getch macro can be changed and checked in to exclude the
 > parameters
 > >      since the function itself is a void.  The typedefs need to are
 > required
 > >      so you will problem just have to work around them for now.  The
 > inline
 > >      problem is a little more difficult.  Does your compiler not
 > support
 > >      inlined functions?  The code warrior comiler allows you to enable
 > or
 > >      disable the inline functionality.  Are you sure that there isn't
 > a
 > >      compiler directive that will take care of this problem?
 > >
 > > thanks,
 > > Brad
 > Hi Brad,
 > I am using gcc 2.95.3 for my NLM (Apache) builds on Linux and Win32
 > platforms.
 > It seems that problematic "ap_os_is_path_absolute" function it is not
 > really inlined, so the problem is occuring (symbol name really exists in
 > linked .o files). Tried -finline-functions and 
-fkeep-inline-functions gcc
 > options, but no luck.
 > Thanks for your support,
 > Pavel
I've played a bit with "inline" again and I've found that the symbol 
name is appearing in ALL .o files produced from source files where the 
src/os/netware/os.h header file is included (so link failed, then). Also 
tested with a simple sample on stable Debian Linux with standard gcc 
2.95.2 (not using my special compilation of 2.95.3), but with the same 
result (zipped sample files attached). I am not too familiar with the 
GNU stuff, but it's evident that "inline" doesn't work as expected here. 
It seems to me that change from "inline" to "static inline" solves the 
problem "clearly".

Is there something new related to S_ISLNK, FD_SETSIZE, opendir and 
readdir redefined in src/os/netware/os.h?


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