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From Pavel Novy <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Apache 1.3.21-dev for NetWare builds (4)
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 12:39:06 GMT
 > Pavel,
 >     I am not exactly sure what impact the attache patch will have on 
the CW build.  I would suggest that you #ifdef the calls to memset() 
with a compiler specific environment variable and then resubmit the 
patches.  That way you can include the call when you need it and exclude 
it otherwise.  I will go ahead and check in the changes for _getch in 
os.h and http_main.c.
 > thanks,
 > Brad

I've corrected "BSS zeroing" related patches suggested way (attached). 
Unfortunately I can't test it with Watcom immediately, so these changes 
are currently designed for the GNU stuff only.


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