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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: [Patch]: Scoreboard as linked list.]
Date Mon, 06 Aug 2001 15:07:00 GMT
Ryan Bloom wrote:

> 2)  I may be wrong, but I believe we have a race-condition.  find_child_by_pid walks
> scoreboard without locking it.  Since we call that function from the parent whenever
a child
> process dies, this looks like a chance for a seg fault, but I am still trying to figure
out what 
> I am missing.  Rather than continue to look for my misunderstanding, can somebody explain
> to me?

[disclosure: I haven't reviewed the patch, but think I understand the

Is this really a bug?  I would think the list updates always happen in
the single threaded parent process, and not in anything asychronous
(like a signal handler).  If that's true, why would any other code
called synchronously from the parent need to hold the lock?


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