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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: [Fwd: brianp patch Quantify results] (was thread-specific freelistfor pools" patch )
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 21:44:55 GMT
On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 11:09:13PM +0200, Sander Striker wrote:
> Mine takes it a bit further.  It essentially makes the freelist more
> efficient.  Adds the possibility to request a new freelist for a pool,
> which can optionally have locking.


> Furthermore it resolves some
> issues with possible segfaults in the current pools code when running
> out of memory.

Not necessary :-)

> However, there is a downside.  I started with an empty slate and then
> started to add things in.  I still haven't merged some things over
> (the APR_POOL_DEBUG mode, USE_MALLOC and other fancy debug stuff).  Also,
> my code isn't documented very well at the moment (OTOH, the current
> pools code isn't exactly a quick read with all those #if[def] lines...).

For the pools code, it can only be patched. It is unacceptable to toss a
completely written-from-scratch replacement into the code base. If it takes
a sequence of 20 patches to reach the written-from-scratch stage, then
fine... but that means each step has been reviewable as you go along.


Greg Stein,

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