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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-2.0/modules/aaa config.m4
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2001 23:53:37 GMT
> I disagree.  I specifically used --enable-module=all earlier today, because I
> wanted mod_ssl.  I was VERY surprised to find that it wasn't compiled.  Now,
> I understand that mod_ssl isn't enabled using that option.  But I believe
> that is a big mistake.

Not really.  SSL is still illegal in some countries, so it makes sense to ask
people to enable it explicitly.  That is what fetchmail and mutt do.

> As for what the options has meant historically, it has never been available
> before.  According to README.configure from Apache 1.3:
> >    $ ./configure --prefix=/path/to/apache \
> >                  --enable-module=most \
> >                  --enable-shared=max
> >    $ make
> >    $ make install
> > 
> >  This first enables most of the modules (all modules except some problematic
> >  ones like mod_auth_db which needs third party libraries not available on
> >  every platform or mod_log_agent and mod_log_referer which are deprecated)
> >  and then enables DSO support for all of them. This way you get all these
> >  modules installed and you then can decide under runtime (via the
> >  `LoadModule') directives which ones are actually used. Especially a very
> >  useful for vendor package maintainers to provide a flexible Apache package.
> So, fine --enable-modules=most only tries to configure a sub-set of the
> modules, because they aren't all available on all platforms.  Those that are
> in most should still halt the configure script, because that way we know
> when there is a problem.

NO, it isn't a problem.  It is an EXPECTED condition for most platforms.
It is silly for our build to fail on every normally installed platform.

We can set "most" to skip on failed prerequistites and set "all" to
error on any failures.  I can live with that since it will stop my own
builds from failing (I currently enable most and disable mod_auth_dbm, which
is counter-intuitive).  We still need Justin's patch to do that, with just
one extra variable check.


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