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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Status of the apr_filepath_merge overhaul
Date Fri, 24 Aug 2001 04:36:28 GMT
Here is where things stand (as I go off to bed to clear my brain)...

There is something odd in mod_negotiation, beyond getting 406's on top
of errors, that I need to trace in the morning.  It is definately related to
the change to buffered code, but I'm not sure if it's mod_negotiation, or
the apr buffering that's broken.  Then I need to place the code for the
new directive I've just committed for the ForceLanguagePreference 

The win32 specific problems are fixed, we now get dir_configs again (the 
first '/' entry was not tagged d_is_absolute, so it never looked further.)

Since win32 essentially works, I suspect that unix does as well.  The big
kicker, did I code apr_filepath_merge correctly?  If so, we are good.

I will further optimize the no-pre-path-info version of directory_walk
tommorow, and assure it's solid so we can try that changeover.  All the
other window dressing today was necessary before that change stood a good
chance of working (correctly).

Finally, mod_alias needs a good optimiziation whumping which I'll attack
as soon as I can, and go back through my list of 12 potential security holes.

Boy the list is slow tonight... dunno what's up in the last hour and a half,
but my brain isn't much faster.  [Daughter's dinner was great, sorry I needed 
to disappear right after inflicting those patches today.]  Back at it tommorow.

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