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From "Tarun Upadhyay" <>
Subject writing a soap/web services authorization module over Apache
Date Fri, 10 Aug 2001 13:20:35 GMT

 I am writing an apache module to authorize user access to  particular soap
services or methods.
We are calling it mod_soap_auth and it will be hosted at

Our basic design allows the use of another module (say mod_auth or
something else) to authenticate users but through an "access file", we
authorize users to connect to particular web-service or its methods.

We want the user to be able to authorize users at either top, service or
method level. I want to ask how should such a file (and corresponding access
policies) be structured. The requirements are:
a) the structure stays consistent with current apache configuration files
and .htaccess
b) should be xml
c) should be as intuitive to user as possible and efficient to parse for
large number of users or services.

What does the group think about the file structure and the whole idea in
Am I missing something or is this the correct way? Or am I completely
barking in the dark and this does not make any sense to anybody here?

With Warm Regards
Tarun Upadhyay

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