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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: 2.0.23 tarballs up
Date Mon, 13 Aug 2001 21:10:20 GMT
From: <>
Sent: Monday, August 13, 2001 3:43 PM

> > William Wrowe, Jr. wrote...
> > A text file is a text file is a text file.
> Actually... in the world I live in... there seem to be UNIX
> text files and there seem to be DOS/Windows text files.
> They really are 'not the same' as far as a lot of editors
> and other programs are concerned.

I live in cvs, and I've used 3290 emulators for years.  I've moved
gigabytes from pc to mainframe on 9 track reels.  And where I've come from,
line endings themselves are silly (can we say TEXT(80) :-?).  When text
bounces from one place to another they need to adopt to their platform.
Heck, even a mac text file once looked nothing like any of the above.

Tarballs are our unix distribution format (suitable for some other platforms,
as well.)

> > If I'm on a 390, I have a bunch of ebcdic files.  So what?  They are text.
> > They don't go into a repository as binary, unless they have some really 
> > bizzare formatting or escapes in them.
> Exactly... and the fact that if you make even the slightest cosmetic
> change ( EOL included ) to MSVC .dsw or .dsp then they could
> stop 'working' where they are intended to work ( Non-Nix platforms )
> can be construed as 'bizarre formatting' and better off being excluded 
> from the constant UNIX FTP ASCII text auto-grok stuff. Why take the 
> chance at changing the files when there is no need to?

Since this hasn't happened here, and cvs commit logs allow everyone to see
what people are horking with in a text file (but not a binary file), I'm
certain your fears are overblown.  We regularly let unix folks tweak the files,
and then check their work.

> > There will be no binary .dsp or .dsw files in cvs.  ever.
> Ok... whatever... but watch those LF-onlies gotchas at
> release time.

Why?  I don't see a pkzip package in, so there is nothing
prepared for win32 yet.  Period.  Stop pouting.

You can always check out from a tag through anonymous cvs, which, ohmygosh,
puts your cr's back on _all_ the text files(!)  You can even load your httpd.conf
file in notepad :)

> Geez... doesn't CVS have some kind of 'Yea... it's a text file...
> but leave the line endings alone fer chrissakes because they
> just might be important' option somewhere in the config?

CVS is a unix utility, all text files end in LF.  If you check them out to a
mac, win32, ebcdic, or other platform, they know what becomes of them.

The only bummer is ucs2/4 files, which cvs just can't grok (little wonder.)
Any good news from the subversion front on that one :-?


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