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From "vinaay bansal" <>
Subject problem with using ap_internal_redirect()
Date Fri, 17 Aug 2001 16:13:48 GMT
hi everybody,
I have got a tomcat running on apache server. SoapRPCRouter servlet is
running on tomcat. I made a soapclient and threw a soap request on it, it
worked fine and returned a result. my soap client terminated. good enough.
Now i introduced a module in apache which redirects the uri to itself using
api_internal_redirect(), it also sets an flag header so that it doesn't end
up in infinite loop. the request reaches tomcat, web service is invoked, a
result is thrown back to the client but this time the conncetion between my
servlet and client doesn't break. I am using TCP tunnel to see the data
transfer and the data is reaching fine with my soap client, but the
connection doesn't terminates. If i forcefully terminate my client, tomcat
throws an exception.
Can someone please throw some light why is this happening and what can i do
to rectify it???

thanks in advance

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