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From "Kevin McCarty" <>
Subject ServiceConfigurationError
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2001 21:09:50 GMT
I'm developing an applet that uses API (Java Advanced Imaging).  And I receive
an exception error:

I have e-mailed Sun Microsystems and their reply was:

"We have had customers report similar errors for 
applets accessed via HTTPS.  We do not conceive this as
a JAI problem per se, but something related to the security
of the web server you are using. 
I would suggest looking into security issues in the Apache server
that you are using."
I've looked through the mailing lists and did not see a soultion for this issue.  The applet
works fine through Apache without the Java Advanced Imaging API in the code, but when I add
those lines to the code I receive the error.

Thanks for the assistance,

Kevin McCarty
Application Specialist
Texarkana, Independent School District

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