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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: 2.0.23 tagging this afternoon
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2001 17:17:13 GMT
I would suggest keeping the threaded MPM as default but include a good explanation of the
problems in the announcement letter. I am not strongly opposed to making the prefork MPM
the default however. We can get a lot of good feedback on the server either way.

We should definitely make both threaded and prefork binaries available for download for
folks to play with. IMHO...


> I have a problem with tagging the way the tree is right now.  The threaded
> MPM is completely bogus, and I don't believe that the group should be
> encouraging it's use in production servers.  As the code stands right now,
> the threaded MPM can not be gracefully restarted or shutdown on a
> lightly-hit server.
> I see two ways to fix this.  Hold the tag/roll until the worker MPM is finished,
> hopefully sometime this week, or switch the default MPM to prefork.
> I want to stress that I am perfectly fine with just switching the default MPM
> to the prefork MPM.  Leaving the default at threaded, makes people think that
> we expect this MPM to work properly, which we really don't.
> Ryan
> > I just got off the phone with the IBM guys and we all agree that now is a
> > good time to tag, so I'm planning on a 3pm EDT tag of 2.0.23.  If you have
> > changes pending, please try to get them in and tested before 3pm.  All
> > showstoppers I know of are either taken care of or have been mutually
> > agreed upon as things that can wait until 2.0.24.
> >
> > The ones in the "can wait" category are (a) a few remaining threaded.c
> > issues that only appear when seriously stressing the server AND gracefully
> > restarting, and even those clear up after a few minutes and (b) POSTing
> > data larger than a certain size with SSL/TLS doesn't work.
> >
> > Bill, do the .lib files need updating?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Cliff
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> Ryan Bloom              
> Covalent Technologies
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