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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: Apache/2.0.22-dev is running on
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 23:10:43 GMT
Greg Ames <> writes:

> ...with code from cvs as of late this afternoon.  
> This build contains: 
> *  a fix for the seg faults in mod_status, which Brian and Jeff reported
> to me independently,
> *  Justin's small change to apr_sendfile for FreeBSD,
> *  an assert() trap, also in apr_sendfile, for the problem which is
> responsible for the most core dumps on daedalus (APR_SUCCESS + 0 bytes
> sent - wtf??), and
> *  all the other Good Stuff that's been committed lately.
> This build also has a some other important fixes (gethostbyname
> w/threaded on Solaris and htpasswd.c) which I can't test on daedalus. 

There is also the important APR_INHERIT fix.  It looks to me like you
hit that problem when you brought down apache-2.0.21 on
today in preparation for bringing up 2.0.22.

See /usr/local/apache2.0.21/corefiles/httpd.core.3.

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