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From dean gaudet <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Problems with MPM threaded
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 08:40:28 GMT

On Sat, 14 Jul 2001, Roy T. Fielding wrote:

> > The "correct" fix, as I see it, is to kill off the interprocess
> > accept lock by removing the possibility of having other processes
> > in a *threaded* MPM.  -- justin
> That architecture was explored in detail by Netscape.  It isn't reliable
> and slows your web server to a crawl whenever dynamic content is produced.
> It should only be used for static file servers and caching gateways, and
> people implementing those might as well use an in-kernel server like TUX.

i'm confused... what architecture has that problem with dynamic content?

i can believe it if you're referring to a userland threading library,
single process server.

i can't believe it if the threads are scheduled by the kernel (either as
1:1 or 1:many).

NSPR threading was probably to blame, no?


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