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From Carlos Costa Portela <>
Subject Trying to start portal / help with modules
Date Tue, 10 Jul 2001 16:32:12 GMT
	Hello all!

	I have a good experience designing portals and big websites, but I
want start now a good site, and I've thunk that perhaps Apache modules can
be the best aproach to this problem.

My idea:
designers write templates using specific tags, like <shop>, <advert
code="1"> or similar.

a program parses the template and call to another programs to process

I've been reading something and I think that perhaps I could write an
apache module to do this work.

Just these questions:
1. can this be done using apache modules?
2. can you point me to online tutorials about this?
3. another aproach to this problem?

	Thanks in advance, and keep the good work,
		Carlos. : All about web, PHP-Nuke based site
              Web info for and from web people: enjoy it!

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