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From dean gaudet <>
Subject Re: mod_file_cache performance
Date Mon, 02 Jul 2001 22:52:05 GMT
is this across loopback?

if so then it's useless for performance tuning/measurement.  you gotta use
a real network, and a beefy enough client to get any meaningful results.

or is it a single 100baseT segment?  if so then this is too little network
to give meaningful results as well.  unless you optimise something other
than "r/s" or "bytes/s" -- study the idle CPU for example.  idle CPU
becomes a much more useful metric when you aren't maxing out the system.

that said, you might want to use lmbench <>
to study what file open times are like under linux.  they're pretty damn
small.  linux's dcache kicks a lot of ass... and in the end, userland
caching of stuff like this just means you're duplicating efforts.  that
means a waste of L2, which will have a non-linear decrease on your

but i'm just guessing.


On Mon, 2 Jul 2001, Cliff Woolley wrote:

> Hey...
>    I've been doing some benchmarks on mod_file_cache, and I'm getting
> numbers that confuse the hell out of me.  Here's what I've seen (this is
> on a RHL 7.1 box with kernel 2.4.3 running on an AMD Athlon 1.2GHz with
> 1GB RAM, using /manual/index.html.en as the test file):
> Request for static file:
>           No keepalives                 Keepalives
>           --------------------------    ----------------------------
> no cache  118.98 req/s  676.92 KB/s     2280.06 req/s  13053.79 KB/s
> CacheFile  90.19 req/s  511.21 KB/s     2181.21 req/s  12440.95 KB/s (WTF?!)
> MMapFile   80.90 req/s  458.54 KB/s     1978.32 req/s  11283.72 KB/s (WTF?!)
> Request for server-parsed file:
>           No keepalives                 Keepalives
>           --------------------------    ----------------------------
> no cache   31.81 req/s  183.68 KB/s      453.38 req/s   2647.38 KB/s
> CacheFile  87.20 req/s  501.66 KB/s      682.49 req/s   3965.77 KB/s
> MMapFile  104.17 req/s  599.30 KB/s      674.94 req/s   3925.77 KB/s
> Clearly there's something screwy going on (as seen in the static file
> case).  I verified with gdb that sendfile IS being used in the static
> tests with both the cached and non-cached file handles (I also examined
> those apr_file_t's and they looked right).  Maybe a 5KB file should be
> below the sendfile() threshold on Linux?  That doesn't explain why it goes
> SLOWER using sendfile on a cached file handle than it does using sendfile
> on a file handle it has to open up on every request.  Maybe it's
> something with the apr_sendfile() implementation on Linux?  I've looked
> at it and no problems jump right out at me, though.  I'm stumped.
> Anyway, I don't consider this a showstopper for the T&R, because it serves
> the requests correctly (one way or another) without segfaulting... but
> clearly I need to figure out what's going on at some point soon.
> (On the other hand, these results tell me that you get a nifty keen
> speedup by using mod_file_cache to accelerate server-parsed requests under
> 2.0 (as I'd hoped), which is something you couldn't really do in 1.3. :-)
> --Cliff
> --------------------------------------------------------------
>    Cliff Woolley
>    Charlottesville, VA

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