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From <>
Subject Re: AssignUserID and ChildPerUserID
Date Wed, 04 Jul 2001 19:20:47 GMT

That is the goal, but I can't gaurantee that it still works.  The last
time I checked, it didn't work any more.

The general idea is

ChildperUserID uid gid child_num

<VirtualHost ...>
    AssignUserID uid gid

What this will do, is the ChildperUserID assigns a specific child to use
a specific uid/gid.  The child num is the child number, remember that
perchild specifies the number of child processes to have at any one time.
So, if you specify 3 child processes, then you can assign one uid/gid to
child 1, one to child 2, and one to child 3.  Any you don't assign a
uid/gid to will use the uid/gid specified in User and Group directives.

The AssignUserID tells a given virtual host that it should only use child
processes that have the specified uid/gid.

As I said, I can't guarantee this will still work.  I believe that the fd
passing is broken currently.

Good luck,


On Wed, 4 Jul 2001, Bjoern Metzdorf wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> the docs aren't very precise about AssignUserId and ChildPerUserID in
> perchild mpm.
> I assume you can tell a specific process to run under a specific uid/gid and
> tell a specific virtualhost to exclusively use a specific process (?) Seems
> to me like the ultimate solution to get away from suexec, but I can't find
> out how to use this feature..
> What is the syntax of these directives and what contexts do they belong to?
> btw: I am running 2.0.18 on Linux 2.2..
> greetings,
> Bjoern

Ryan Bloom               
Covalent Technologies

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