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From Dale Ghent <>
Subject Re: 2.0.20/SSI problem?
Date Mon, 09 Jul 2001 20:12:29 GMT
On Mon, 9 Jul 2001, Dale Ghent wrote:

| I just compiled .20 up from the tarball, and all seems great except when
| it comes to serving SSI (.shtml) pages.
| It looks like the SSI parsing goes okay, but the Content-Type header
| that's being returned is "text/plain" instead of the expected "text/html",
| thus causing the browser to show the page in it's source form.

Cliff suggested that I add an "AddType text/html .shtml" to my config, and
boom, it worked.

I guess that I'm under the impression that mod_include should set the
Content-Type? Or is this AddType statement just missing from


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