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Subject Re: Nasty chunking bug (in MSIE?) when using ap_rwrite()/ap_rflush()
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 00:09:02 GMT

In a message dated 01-07-16 23:17:20 EDT, you write:

> >> MSIE is choking due to a '0' byte happening in the middle of the 
> >> response being sent back.

Ah... okay... so you mean something is 'truncating' the data and
adding the terminator chunk length too early? 

The last data buffer is actually 'missing' or something?
That shouldn't really bother most browsers unless it's a graphic 
in which case the presentation layer stuff culd blow trying to
do the GIF LZ77 decode or the JPEG unwind.

> Also, I don't think we update Content-Length: in the chunked trailers 
> yet.
> Chuck

Does anyone?

I've looked at a LOT of real-time captures from all over the world
and I don't recall ever seeing anyone add 'Content-Length:' back
to the Entity Headers at the end of a chunked transmission.

Actually... to tell the truth... I don't think I've ever seen anyone
anywhere use that part of the HTTP spec whereby you can
add/update header fields at the end of the transmission. I also
don't know of any clients that would have the faintest idea how
to handle that ( Headers fields coming AFTER all the data arrives ).
It's usually way too late for that part of the RFC to have any
effect at all on what's happening unless the Entity header 
pertains to what's supposed to happen AFTER the data arrives
( Like changing 'Connection: Keep-Alive' to 'Close' somewhere
during the chunked transfer ).

Kevin Kiley

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