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From "GUMMALAM,MOHAN (HP-Cupertino,ex2)" <>
Subject Threaded and ps->quiescing
Date Tue, 31 Jul 2001 19:12:36 GMT
Hi Greg:  Although the patch you sent fixes the problem of multiple pods,
there are still some problems.  With the following configuration:

StartServers         6
MinSpareThreads      5
MaxSpareThreads     50

one would expect that when I start the web-server, since I have 6 processes,
hence 150 threads (all of them idle), the MaxSpareThreads is exceeded.  This
should result in the killing of 4 spare processes.  This does not happen.  A
"ps" will show that all the 6 processes are still around.

The explanation is as follows, the p_i_s_m() would send 4 pods to kill the 4
spare processes, so that there are only 2 processes running.  While this is
the correct behaviour, the processes which have recd the pod do not die

This happens due to multiple threads (from all the 6 different processes)
blocked at apr_lock_acquire(accept_mutex) statement in worker_thread()
routine, as the accept_mutex is a server-wide mutex.  Since only one thread
makes into the critical section, if the thread that enters the cs is from a
process which hasn't recd a pod, then it would block at the apr_poll()
routine.   Now the other threads from the processes that have recd the pod,
are still blocked at apr_lock_acquire(), and hence cannot exit - causing the
processes to be alive.

Again, the patch that Justin re-posted, with two mutexes - per-process and
server-wide - resolves the problem completely. (I say almost, as there is
still a small timing window between two consecutive runs of p_i_s_m() and
updating the quiescing flag within the worker_thread() routine).  Both the
fixes together - yours and Justin's - will fix the problem.

The patch Justin posted is with the new functions ap_mpm_pod_check() etc.  A
similar patch with check_pipe_of_death() routines themselves could be used
too - if you need, I could post that. 



> -----Original Message-----
> From: Greg Ames []
> Sent: Monday, July 30, 2001 8:56 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: tarballs are up
> "GUMMALAM,MOHAN (HP-Cupertino,ex2)" wrote:
> > 
> > Greg:  Though I haven't completed testing the fix you 
> suggested, I am
> > certain it would resolve the situation of multiple pods 
> being sent.  I had a
> > pretty similar suggestion, which I had sent to the list a 
> while back, and
> > hence my conviction that this will work.  I'll let you know 
> what comes
> > through!
> > Thanks,
> > M
> you're welcome - it's commited.
> I went back and saw the patch you posted earlier this month.  
> That would
> have done the job, too.  My apologies for not paying enough 
> attention to
> it at first - e-mail overload after being at sea for 2 1/2 weeks.
> You also mentioned a patch Justin posted with two mutexes:
> >  Justin's patch of two mutexes did fix the problem, but I 
> do not see it being included
> >  even now.
> Either I deleted that one, or I can't figure out which one it 
> is amongst
> the others.  Justin, could you please re-post this one?
> and does anyone know where the new-httpd mail archive lives any more?
> Greg

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