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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: Single listener - multi-worker
Date Mon, 30 Jul 2001 15:40:15 GMT
Ryan Bloom wrote:
> On Saturday 28 July 2001 11:55, Greg Ames wrote:
> > Ryan Bloom wrote:
> > > This has NOTHING to do with performance.  It has to do with fixing the
> > > bugs in the current threaded model.
> >
> > Good answer!  I think we're on the same wavelength, believe it or not
> >
> > :-)
> > :
> > > It is not possible to fix the restart/shutdown bugs in the
> > > current threaded model,
> >
> > ummm, I disagree
> See Justin's response, and my response to that.  Your proposal won't fix all
> the problems.

After spending most of Sunday mentally going thru the differences
between the current threaded and single listener and talking to Jeff on
the same subject this AM, I think:

* single listener can perform at least as well in almost all cases, and
definately better on platforms with no global mutex.  It has the
potential of always performing better on all platforms, for sites with
moderate to high hit rates, if we design some clever code to optimize
the connection queue depth and the number of workers which are actively
trying to read from the queue.

* although I still think it's possible to patch threaded's
shutdown/restart problems well enough, it will be messy for sure, and
two Smart People are telling me it will be harder than I think.  So I'd
rather not mess with it for now if there's a cleaner solution.  

* single listener separates the problem of accepting a connection from
serving a request, which should lead to cleaner, more reliable code.

* it's good that "worker" is now a separate MPM.  That gives us a chance
to beat on it to see if we can shake out bugs.  Once we're happy with
the worker's code quality vs. threaded's, we can nuke threaded (which
opens up an easy solution to the crummy name problem :-).

* I need to not think about work so much on weekends.  My better half
had a hard time getting my attention this weekend.

For now, my top priority is 2.0.22.  Beating on worker will follow, if
nothing else pops up in the mean time.


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