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From Greg Ames <>
Subject Re: memory leak on daedalus
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2001 21:10:11 GMT
Greg Ames wrote:

> Digging thru the core dump from the new build, I see we are leaking
> apr_sockaddr_t's.  They are being allocated out of the pconf pool, so
> they will never be cleaned up until the process dies

ap_mpm_pod_signal in mpm_common.c is guilty.  Every time this function
is called by perform_idle_server_maintenance, the parent leaks another
apr_sockaddr_t.  When the parent forks off new children, they inherit
the bloat factor.  Setting MaxRequestsPerChild small doesn't help in
this case; restarting the server is the only circumvention.

Here's my plan:  change the pod creation code to create a single
apr_sockaddr_t containing the loopback address etc.  Hang it off the
pod, and use it from there when needed in ap_mpm_pod_signal.


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