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From Harrie Hazewinkel <>
Subject [PATCH-concept] more dynamic configuration
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2001 19:24:12 GMT
HI all,

Attached is a patch that adds more dynamic configuration.
It places some of the MPM variables such as 'ap_max_daemons_limit',
'ap_daemons_limit', 'ap_daemons_min_free' and 'ap_daemons_max_free' 
in the scoreboard. This enables management modules to do
dynamic (runtime) configuration without requiring a restart of the
Apache HTTP server.

How is it done:
1) The patch adds a hook after the creation of the scoreboard
	which is used by the MPM to transfer the variables in
	the scoreboard and allows a management modules to change
2) The MPM during its server maintenance (or spawning of extra
	use the variables that are now in the scoreboard.
	The children are not influenced in performance from this
	for the variables: 'ap_max_daemons_limit',
	'ap_daemons_limit', 'ap_daemons_min_free' and 'ap_daemons_max_free'.
3) The a child uses now the 'max_requests_per_child' from the
	Which is has little or no impact on the request processing.

This patch works only for the PREFORK MPM. If it is seen as usefull,
we can do the same with the other MPMs and, for instance, add
'ap_threads_min_spare' in the scoreboard as well to allow dynamic

Let me know what you think of it.

address: Covalent Technologies, 645 Howard St, San Francisco, CA - 94105
phone: +1-415-536-5221                               fax:+1-415-536-5210
personal website:
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