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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject Re: Debugging Apache
Date Wed, 25 Jul 2001 14:51:20 GMT
On Wed, Jul 25, 2001 at 06:54:52PM +1000, Bojan Smojver wrote:
> I've encountered some segmentation faults while using mod_jk version
> 1.2.0 with Apache 1.3.20 (second and thereafter graceful restart tends
> to be the problem).
> After talking about debugging options with mod_jk developers, they've
> pointed me to this list to ask for the best way to produce useful
> debugging output from Apache when the segfault of the child process
> happens and the core is not dumped. I've seen the undocumented -S option
> for truss, but Linux uses strace. In all honesty, I'm not really
> proficient in any of this, so that's probably the biggest challenge
> you're facing ;-)
> Platform is RedHat Linux 7.0 on Intel (AMD actually :-), Apache is
> statically linked.

As long as you have "ulimit -c" set high enough, it should dump the core
on Linux (it certainly works fine with Apache 2.0).  Depending upon 
your shell, you can specify "ulimit -c 100m" which will allow 100MB 
core files to be created.  Most likely, it'll dump the cores in your
apache-1.3 directory.  

You know that seems to be an obvious omission from the debugging
page.  Hmph.  

HTH.  -- justin

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