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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] spmt MPM
Date Thu, 19 Jul 2001 06:39:45 GMT
Hey, it serves pages on my Linux 2.4/glibc-2.2 box.  This is a
proof-of-concept.  Would any committer (remember, I'm not a committer 
to httpd-2.0) be interested in committing a working and clean spmt 
MPM if I submitted one?

On Roy's suggestion, I looked at the dexter MPM, but it had the 
capability of having additional children (making it mpmt).  That was
something I wanted to avoid.  Only *one* process should have threads 
to serve pages.  Currently, it is a separate child process from the
original httpd process, but that gives some level of robustness.  I 
can easily take that out though.

I didn't bother getting the cleanup mechanisms right or making sure 
that the scoreboard is correct.  Altogether, fairly trivial things, 
but they take time to code right.  I tried to focus on getting it
to serve pages correctly and condensing the mainline code.

To bootstrap this, I basically took the threaded MPM and threw out 
most of the parts that relate to making multiple children.  A lot 
of the other cruft not in the mainline in threaded MPM (i.e. the
config syntax) is unchanged.  -- justin

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