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From "John Buwa" <>
Subject mod_perl strange errors!?
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2001 02:33:04 GMT
I am using the latest version of apache and modperl and perl. Last night i
attempted to use the mod_perl enabled httpd ... I use in all my
cgi-scripts for an FYI. My scripts work perfectly (just slow) using perl,
when i use the mod_perl enabled httpd. They work to a point then make no
sence in there behaviour at all?

Here is a log entry in my error log and the only error i get when the
scripts are not acting right:

[Mon Jul 23 05:38:06 2001] [error] Undefined subroutine
se called at /driveb/usr/web/webroot/cgi-bin/pads/ line 7.

When i look at that line in my code. It is:


This is the routin for parsing the input which i grab from:

So it looks like and mod_perl are having a problem here? Any idea
what it is or how it can be fixed? I loved the impprovement in speed i got
but 10%working scripts is not worth the speed. Any ideas would be greatly
greatly appreciated!


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