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From "Rivium" <>
Subject Re: Status Shared Memory
Date Sat, 14 Jul 2001 07:40:59 GMT

> However, it would be impossible to have every allocation in httpd
> residing in shared memory due to all of the platform limitations.
So the choice of the platform should be done with caution...

> I'm wondering if you are talking about something other than shared
> memory as most of us Unix geeks know it.  You're comments about
> Visual Studio .NET make me wonder what your definition of shared
> memory is.  =-)
A Piece of common used memory, where each client would get the same
information, if they looked up in that part of memory, not nessecary stored
on the same machine. (so for that purpose... a sql database , or something
done with a soap call could even be called shared memory hehehehe).

But my Main Goal is to speed things -really- up. So i was talking about
segment of shared memory, on the same machine
(I love the current Memory prices!)

My situation is that i'f got a bunch of users simultationously logged into
my module, and that they'r all chatting and babbling with each other, and
what to know where there friends hang around.

I used to have "OnlineTracking" Filesystem based access method for that, for
4 years now, But as more users log into, The negative drawbacks of that are
slowely popping up.

I'm going to try building an as empty possible module,that is just using
shared memory, and will see where i end. Hope you guys can comment a little
bit if i post " one and then " a version for comment.

Maybe it will not run on every system then, but at least on my target


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